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Mosquito-borne malaria is responsible for more than 400,000 deaths worldwide annually, says GFA World report Malaria, It's Time to Buzz Off!

‘Time for Malaria to Buzz Off’ Says New GFA World Report

Mosquitoes more lethal than 'sharks, wolves, lions, crocodiles and snakes combined,' says report for World Malaria Day, April 25

WILLS POINT, TX — A long-anticipated vaccine breakthrough could mean the end is in sight for one of the world's most deadly diseases, a new report by global humanitarian agency GFA World ( suggests.

Growing scarcity, shortage of the most precious resource, water, could lead to dire consequences worldwide -- a new GFA World report reveals.

Earth On Brink of ‘Dire’ Water Shortage, GFA World Warns

Shocking new report for World Water Day, March 22, says billions globally could struggle to find enough water to drink

WILLS POINT, TX — Growing scarcity of the planet's most "precious" resource could lead to "dire consequences" worldwide -- including the Western U.S. -- as hot, arid regions get thirstier, a troubling new report for World Water Day on March 22...

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