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Goats enable impoverished families to better provide for themselves, and possibly even break free from the cycle of extreme poverty.

Goat Shatters Mother’s Cycle of Poverty

GFA Featured Story

Raina sat counting the money sent from her husband, Ander. Like his last paycheck, it wasn’t much, perhaps barely enough to cover their expenses for that month. She looked up from the meager earnings and out to her field. Perhaps if she imagined hard enough, the field would...

Dahiana yearned for a proper roof. A tin sheets roof would be durable and lasting, and it would easily shed the rain.

Woman Exchanges Drops of Misery for Sounds of Peace

GFA Featured Story

Another hard day’s work. Another argument with her husband. Another night Dahiana’s five children would go to bed hungry. Dahiana sat in the small structure they called home. Water dripped from the leaky roof above. Perhaps, as an agricultural worker, Dahiana should have been grateful for the rain...

Rosina’s little boy looked with uncontained happiness at the thick blanket covered in pink flowers from GFA World gift distribution.

Simple Gift Offers Safety for Her Sons

GFA Featured Story

Rosina’s little boy coughed, and she could hear the phlegm in his chest. Pneumonia battered his lungs. Rosina knew what to expect; it wasn’t the first time one of her two sons had gotten sick with pneumonia. “We often get sick,” Rosina says. “The most common sicknesses we...

Through GFA World Child Sponsorship Program, they gained a life-changing opportunity, building on a strong foundation of hope.

A Solid Foundation

GFA Featured Story

Kaila and Sabinna, two teenagers, live in a region where angular mountain slopes give way to vast valleys. Houses and buildings perch against steep hillsides. Perhaps the precarious location of these hamlets mirrors the ease with which families’ dreams can plummet in these Himalayan foothills. People live in...

People like Raiza are willing to walk an hour just to receive a gift of a blanket. it can be life-changing for those in need.

A Trek for Her In-laws

GFA Featured Story

With an hour’s walk through hilly terrain, Raiza had ample time to think. She had been hesitant to make the journey. Would it be worth it for a blanket? Would it just be a thin, unsubstantial piece of material? Would the church even have enough? But then Raiza...

Once containing a sole believer, the thriving village now is raising up and sending out young missionaries to minister to those in need

Raising a Crop of Missionaries

GFA Featured Story

Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Haruto warmly greeted individuals he met while walking about the village, visiting, listening and praying. Though today there were likely more smiles than scowls that greeted him, these neighbors had once been hostile to the pastor. They had scorned him and his message....

What would have happened to Neale's future had he not been enrolled in GFA World’s Child Sponsorship Program is uncertain.

Keeping His Future Intact

GFA Featured Story

The surrounding countryside’s picturesque serenity warred with the turbulent thoughts churning in Neale’s mind. That morning, the 8-year-old had missed his bus to school, unable to afford the ticket. While it may seem a trivial matter, that bus was the only way Neale could make it to school...

By providing gifts and the assurance of God’s love, GFA World workers are supplying means by which widows can rebuild their lives.

Rebuilding a Widow’s Life

GFA Featured Story

Medicine failed. Witch doctors failed. And Addi’s body continued to fail. Fever and body aches put him in a perpetual state of decline. Subira, his wife, looked on helplessly as Addi became weaker and weaker. Soon, the man who had taken such good care of their family of...

Many women who endure domestic violence feel as Achsa did: They endured alone and with no one who will believe them.

Saved from the Crushing Weight of Domestic Violence

GFA Featured Story

At just 25 years old, Achsa bore the weight of providing for her family and the scars of an untrusting, abusive husband. Like many women who endure violence, the young mother believed she was alone with no one who would believe her. A Heavy Load to Carry When...

Because of this powerful prayer base, those involved with GFA World expect God to work miracles—and He has and He does!

“First We Pray”

GFA Featured Story

Dr. David R. Mains, longtime friend of the ministry, shares about visiting the field and learning the importance of prayer. I know a lot about Gospel for Asia (GFA). That’s because I have watched it from its beginning days. That’s a little more than 40 years of close...