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With the simple gift of warmth of a blanket, you can help wrap Christ’s love around these precious individuals and help them rest well.

Seeking Warmth Among Rags

GFA Featured Story

Sagen, Raam and Balin had traveled from other states in search of jobs, looking for some way to provide for their families. They had hoped to offer their children a better life by finding stable employment. Instead, they found themselves picking through rubble for survival, shivering at night...

Nantai became a GFA missionary and began ministering in his assigned region, sharing Christ’s love with everyone around him.

Man Raised from Deathbed to Change Lives

GFA Featured Story

Nantai’s mother looked on, her heart heavy, as her son lay comatose in the hospital. He had suffered from severe dizzy spells for some time, but now his life hung in the balance, as did his soul. Nantai's parents had come to know Jesus when Nantai was a...

Millions of families in Africa and Asia at risk from mosquito-borne diseases like malaria - fighting it is possible through a mosquito net.

Fighting Malaria, One Net at A Time

GFA Featured Story

There’s a common problem in Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Kagan’s area, one he is all too familiar with. Born and raised in the region where he now serves, Pastor Kagan knows the effects of malaria from personal experience, and he sees many others suffer from it, too....

GFA pastors work to ensure the communities they serve can have access to the clean water they need and are finding.

Finding Water Amidst the Rocks

GFA Featured Story

Gospel for Asia (GFA World) pastor Oisin and the volunteers kept digging. Other members of the village, however, had their doubts about the project the pastor and the believers had undertaken. It wasn’t possible, they said. But Pastor Oisin and his team kept digging. They shoveled and excavated,...

Without the medicine, Petrina couldn’t work. And no work meant no food. But through the GFA medical camp, Petrina gained hope for the future.

Mountain Trails No Deterrent for GFA Medical Camp

GFA Featured Story

Remote. Rugged. These two words perfectly described the village Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Birkley visited. Two years prior, there had been no roads leading into the village. Nestled among a mountain range, the only way to reach the village had been by foot, traveling along paths that...

Seeing that people like Daito were in desperate need, the GFA pastors met together to devise a plan to pool resources to help.

Timely Help in a Desperate Hour

GFA Featured Story

Since he was a boy, Daito had traveled to other states to find work. That seemed the only realistic option to earn a decent income and provide for his family. But in 2020, after years of traveling, he suddenly got stuck in his village, a place where it...

As she read the accounts of Jesus in the Word of God, she was fascinated by the miracles He did. Was there nothing this Jesus could not do?

Miraculous Stories Inspire Young Woman’s Faith

GFA Featured Story

Porsha peered into the mirror once more. An attractive woman of 20, the reflection might have filled her with confidence. Instead, shame surged through her being. A goiter marred her neck, and a tumor marred her right hand. Perhaps Porsha fingered the lumps, tracing their ugly outlines. Perhaps...

GFA World Jesus Well helps put a stop to a family's stream of troubles with waterborne diseases and health issues.

Well Halts Family’s Troublesome Stream

GFA Featured Story

Fauna’s daughter was sick again. This time it was Cadee’s kidneys, the latest ailment in a steady stream of waterborne health issues. Once again, doctors recommended clean water along with medication. Once again, the news saddened Fauna’s heart, for they had no clean water to drink. Would their...

Young boy's lingering symptoms invoked fear, until relief came through GFA World's missionaries organized a free medical ministry camp

Boy’s Lingering Symptoms Invoke Fear

GFA Featured Story

Rahm’s parents examined the red bumps on his skin once more. Brows likely furrowed. Perhaps it was the blistering rash that concerned them most. Perhaps it was a fever or loss of appetite. Perhaps it was simply the fact the young boy’s symptoms wouldn’t go away. What was...

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic threatening survival, GFA missionaries brought help and hope to a family in despair

Pandemic Threatens Family’s Survival

GFA Featured Story

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Yaphet and other Gospel for Asia (GFA) missionaries have marched to the fringes of society to bring help and hope to people in despair, people such as Callon and Sada. Their most demanding adversary? Hunger. Fear...