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Gospel for Asia (GFA World) is a leader in tackling critical issues facing the extreme poor and most marginalized people in Asia today, including women’s issues, clean water challenges, leprosy, slums, child labor, plight of widows, human trafficking concerns, among numerous other topics.

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Critical Issues GFA World is concerned about and typically involved in addressing:

Fighting the Global Clean Water Crisis

Acquiring clean water is a day-to-day struggle for millions of people throughout the globe. But GFA World is leading the way in providing lasting solutions that transform thirsty communities. To date, we’ve installed over 30,000 bore wells, aka “Jesus Wells”, and distributed over 58,000 BioSand Water filters, to provide clean water to 37.5 million people in South East Asia.

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Educating Kids via Bridge of Hope

More than 70,000 children in Asia otherwise at-risk of growing up illiterate and uneducated are instead receiving a daily meal, ongoing education, school supplies, and medical care through our Bridge of Hope program — all because of Christ’s love. To date, we have helped over 138,000 children, and in 2019 graduated 2,170 students from high school onto brighter futures.

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Promoting Literacy Among the Illiterate of Asia

Gospel for Asia points out that there are more than 250 million women in Asia today who are illiterate. It’s impossible for them to help their children with schoolwork, read road signs, the instructions on medicine bottles, understand legal papers, or read a Bible. But through our literacy programs, we taught 59,888 women to read and write in 2019 alone.

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Bringing Dignity to those Afflicted by Leprosy

For decades, GFA-supported workers in South Asia — one of the world’s most leprosy-endemic regions — have provided physical and emotional support for victims of the disease. Leprosy cases in the U.S. are rare, but this dreadful disease afflicts more than 200,000 new victims around the world every year, mostly in India. GFA has 47 teams working with Leprosy patients through Asia.

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Uplifting the Lives of Slum Dwellers

GFA World serves Asia’s poorest of the poor in more than 870 slum neighborhoods throughout Asia. That’s an increase of more than 360 slum ministry locations since 2015.

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Caring for Asia’s Invisible Women

GFA works to combat unjust discrimination, stigma and suffering endured by widows in Asia. We have 40 teams working among widows to bring them hope and tangible help.

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Addressing Poverty: Public Enemy #1

Globally, around 736 million people are living in poverty, many of them children. Lacking adequate housing, hygiene, health care and education because they don’t have enough money, they pay a high price: disease, discrimination and, often early death.

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Saving Lives at Risk from Open Defecation

GFA’s website tells its story, and its story is vast: To date, we’ve installed over 32,000 toilets built in some of the most underdeveloped areas, including 5,428 latrines with dual-tank disinfection systems were constructed in 2019 alone.

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21st Century Slavery & Human Trafficking

GFA raises awareness about 21st century slavery and human trafficking, including the latest news and numbers on the global scourge of sex trafficking, modern-day slavery, and bonded labor that ensnares millions of women and children.

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Combating Vector-borne Diseases Worldwide

Distribution of mosquito nets to date exceeds 1,300,000, and is only one aspect of GFA’s multi-faceted efforts to provide free health seminars, distribute vitamins and educate villagers about hygienic routines to reduce the potential for disease and infection.

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Raising Awareness About 100 Million Missing Women

GFA World highlights issues affecting women including the “hidden epidemic” of missing women and girls in the U.S. and globally — with nearly 300,000 females reported missing in America last year, and as many as 100 million missing women worldwide.

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