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GFA World Bites Back at ‘Earth’s Deadliest Creature’

World Mosquito Day, Aug. 20, thrusts spotlight on tiny insect's rampage of death

WILLS POINT, TX — It's the world's deadliest creature -- and it's probably hovering near your home. The tiny mosquito kills more people around the world every year than any other animal, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control...

Celebrating the Beginning of Summer at the Strawberry Fest

Sharing with our community about who we are, what we do, and upcoming events at the Stoney Creek Strawberry Fest

STONEY CREEK, ONTARIO — GFA World ( had the joy of being at the Stoney Creek Strawberry Fest, to bless children in the community with special balloons and free games, receive donations for the local food bank, and share about...

‘Time for Malaria to Buzz Off’ Says New GFA World Report

Mosquitoes more lethal than 'sharks, wolves, lions, crocodiles and snakes combined,' says report for World Malaria Day, April 25

WILLS POINT, TX — A long-anticipated vaccine breakthrough could mean the end is in sight for one of the world's most deadly diseases, a new report by global humanitarian agency GFA World ( suggests.

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